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Design Features + Feel

  • Knob:  Standard
  • Handle:  Medium
  • Barrel:  Large
  • Feel:  Balanced with Large Sweet Spot
  • Weight:  Your choice of -3, -2, -1, -0, or +1 ounces


About the PS141

  • Design - Shares similar shape and features as the PS271, only difference is that the PS141 has a standard knob.

Custom Pro Ink Dot Birch PS141

  • *Battle Ax Sports reserves the right to refuse any custom engraving requests that we deem as inapropriate or is the name of a professional athlete, school, team, business, organization, trademark, or any other name that we do not have the right to use. If we cannot meet your engraving request because of this, we will contact you directly for the option to (1) request an alternative text that we can engrave, (2) use our standard text "Battle Ax Sports", (3) refund your order.

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